In this interview by Héctor Martínez (@_Hector_Mtz), Björ (@IbanSaram) explains the history of the search for a Naturist Symbol that can be used worldwide. Interview date: 22 October 2020.

You will find (almost) all the answers to your questions about the Naturist Symbol, including criteria and polling method in this video and on our FAQ page.

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Most of the voting and discussion was on Twitter, using the hashtag #NaturistSymbol.

The Naturist Symbol has its own official Twitter account: @NaturistSymbol.

Why Twitter? Because of all the major social media only Twitter is naturist friendly. is also naturist friendly. Although the latter is growing very fast, it still is not large enough to make any real impact.

Simplified timeline

It all started with this message from Björ (@IbanSaram) on behalf of #TeamNaturist, 18 August 2020 on Twitter:

In search of a Naturist Symbol

First round

The voting started 14 September 2020 and lasted one week.


Second round

Final round

This resulted in a top 3

And the winner is

It is not possible to reconstruct the entire voting procedure on Twitter anymore. Some tweets had to be removed, because they were confusing with the next round.

If you have any questions about the procedure, please ask them below.


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