Thank you very much for buying a product with the Naturist Symbol. The more people know about the symbol, the more it will be accepted by other naturists!

We have a request for you.

Would you like to help us further in making the symbol known? There are many simple ways to do this. Here are some of them:

Share photos of your new purchase on social media and always use the hashtag #NaturistSymbol

We would also love it if you would send us a picture of your purchase so that we can post it on our website and social media.

It would be nice if you would tell naturist entrepreneurs and associations about the symbol. There are still many associations that are not active on social media and they probably have not heard of the symbol until now.

We would also like to hear your stories of conversations that have arisen because of the symbol. For example because you were approached by a (dressed) naturist who recognised the symbol. Or by someone who inquired about the meaning of the symbol.

If you have any other suggestions to make the symbol better known among naturists, please let us know!

Thank you again for your purchase and thank you for supporting the naturist symbol.