You might have heard about MeWe but still don’t know what it is. is the new social network. It was created in answer to the disrespect of privacy from Facebook and other tech giants.

It is for free. No ads, so spyware, no bullshit. It is supported my users who can buy subscriptions to extra’s, like additional emoticons, themes and pages. The free site already provides a complete social network. Like any new website, it will take some to understand the user interface. It is worth the effort.

In the groups you find many groups about naturism. MeWe has the option to mark photos, groups and posts as NSFW (not safe for work). So naturists can post without censoring photos like we have to do on Facebook and Instagram.
This freedom is also found by porn lovers. And like anywhere else some of these people don’t understand the difference between naturism, nudism and porn. But since you are completely in control who can see your timeline.

MeWe has several naturist groups. Some are well moderated, so you will only see content related to real naturism. A list  of well moderated naturist groups can be found on the website of our webmaster Erik:

Join the Naturist Symbol group on MeWe to share your ideas about promoting the symbol and sharing your stories about the symbol: