You find #IAmtheFaceofNaturism on different social media. Where does it come from? What does “I am the Face of Naturism” stand for?

Naturist influencer Linda Weber introduced hashtag #IAmtheFaceofNaturism 8 March 2020 on Twitter.

2020-03-08 I am the face of naturism


Linda gave #IAmtheFaceofNaturism a boost with the start of 2021. Adding the Naturist Symbol made the story complete.

I am the Face of Naturism - 5 Jan 2021

2021-1-12 I am the Face of Naturism


As team behind Naturist Symbol we were delighted with the support given by Linda. We asked here why she chose to add the symbol to her “I am the Face of Naturism” campaign. Linda said: “I think connecting the symbol and the hashtag has so much power because as people buy the items, they are expressing exactly what I had intended, that everyone is the face of naturism and when they wear or use the stickers, people will see that this is what a naturist looks like and that we are just like them, only we like going nude and subscribe to a wholesome, non-sexual philosophy.”

We are happy the Spanish speaking community adopted the hashtag #SomoslaCaradelNaturismo, as introduced by AAPNC on their blog.

Somos la cara del naturismo


Stickers with #IAmtheFaceofNaturism are available in our webshop.

Stickers with #SomosLaCaraDelNaturism can be found here.