Everybody is free to download and use the Naturist Symbol. But there are a few restrictions!

The Naturist Symbol can only be used to promote real naturism. Every naturist has their own definition of what naturism/nudism is. Just do a quick internet search and you will find many websites discussing this topic.

Naturist Symbol

The Universal Naturist Symbol

What is (real) naturism?

According to Wikipedia: “Naturism is a lifestyle of practising non-sexual social nudity in private and in public.”

To keep things simple, this is the definition we use as well.

You can use the Naturist Symbol for…

Basically anything that has to do with promoting and identifying real naturism. Naturist resorts and beaches can use the symbol on a flag. Everybody can put it on their cars. You can use it in all those places where you don’t want to use the word “nudist”. The symbol is the secret handshake.

Online it can be used as avatar, profile picture, banner and so on.

You CAN NOT use it if…

If you are promoting sexual nudity, you are not allowed to use the symbol. Unfortunately there are still many people online who confuse naturism with sexual nudity.

So it that is what you did, please be so kind to remove the Naturist Symbol from your website. This way you help us to keep the symbol valuable for its purpose: identifying real naturism.

Social media

We are very happy if you use the symbol in your social media, as long as it is about promoting non-sexual naturism.

To be more precise, we ask that you only use the symbol if you are promoting real naturism by sharing your own thoughts and photos. If you only re-share content from others, we would ask that you refrain from using the symbol.

Your participation is appreciated

We invite all naturists and nudists to share their experiences with the use of the naturist symbol. Join the discussion on our social media channels Twitter and MeWe about how we can increase awareness of this new symbol among naturists.

Naturist Symbol Twitter accountReport unwanted use of the Naturist Symbol

Please report unwanted use of the symbol via a private message on our social media channels Twitter or MeWe. Or send an email to info@naturistsymbol.org. We will contact them with a friendly request to not use the symbol. Until now, all people respected our request.