We proudly present: the Naturist Symbol!

Naturist Symbol

Thank you for scanning the QR code on our flyer!

On this website we would like to tell you what the naturist symbol is and how it was created. We hope you enjoy our initiative. And if you’d like to get in touch with other naturists outside the officially designated naturist areas, you can use the naturist symbol yourself. In the photo gallery you will already find many examples of how the symbol is used.

Get Naked Germany - Naturist Symbol flyer 2023 (Deutsch/English)

Read more on the home page of this site. And be sure to check out the history and frequently asked questions.

If you want to use the symbol yourself, you can download it for free. And here are some tips on how to use it online.

Several people sell products bearing the naturist symbol. You can find them on the shop page.

Cooperation with GetNakedGermany e.V.


GetNakedGermany e.V. logoThe flyer was created in cooperation with and distributed by GetNakedGermany e.V.

GetNakedGermany is a registered association inspired by the success of our Australian friends “GetNakedAustralia” and the dissatisfaction with the public presentation and image of naturism in Germany.

It is time that simply being naked is not seen as something special and is no longer intuitively associated with sexual acts in society.

Being naked is the natural human condition!

We are grateful to GetNakedGermany e.V. for their support and commitment to promoting the naturist symbol.