These are some frequently asked questions and comments about the Naturist Symbol.

New ideas on how to improve the adoption of the Naturist Symbol are definitely appreciated. See the discussion page.

Why a naturist symbol?

Because there wasn’t any. It’s hard to recognize naturists when they are clothed. When you see the symbol on a car, a bike, a t-shirt, a website, you now know it belongs to a naturist. The perfect conversation starter!

Who does it represent?

It is meant to represent naturist individuals, groups, venues, events, and organisations. It does not represent a single organisation, like for example the INF-FNI’s symbol, which stands for their organisation alone.

What does it stand for?

In the words of its creator, Jacob Braun: “The simple line drawing should make it easy to adapt to emroidery, vinyl decals, etc. The two-color design is simple enough to reproduce, but also allows for it to be changed to all one color when necessary. The simplified backside of a body (bum and legs) could be obvious to “those who know” but would otherwise look like water or waves to others. The design is gender, race/skin-tone, and language neutral. The seven rays of the sun represent the seven continents.”

What were the criteria for the naturist symbol designs?

  • Original design – free to use worldwide.
  • People are willing to use it.
  • It should NOT be immediately recognizable as something that has to do with naturism, because people who are not out or who live in an unsafe country should feel safe wearing it.

This symbol does not mean naturism to me!

There is not even a definition of naturism that we can all agree upon, so it is impossible to create a symbol that shows all the different views on naturism. That is not the purpose either. The symbol should be safe to use in every country. And it should be easily recognizable, like a company logo. The Mercedes logo doesn’t tell you anything about cars. The Nike logo does not represent shoes, and still the entire world knows these logos. That is what we want to achieve with the Naturist Symbol. For that sake, it could even have been a pink dot.

The Naturist Symbol could have been any symbol. The importance is to have one and all use it.

Does the symbol have an “official name”?

Yes, it’s the “Universal Naturist Symbol”, however, most people just call it the “Naturist Symbol”.

Is the symbol registered or listed anywhere “official”?

It is licensed under “creative commons”. You are allowed to use it, but you can’t claim copyright.

I have something to say!

Very good! Any question or comment? Please go to the discussion page.