Flere har spurgt, hvor de kan købe stickers og andet merchandise med naturistsymbolet på. Det er tilladt for alle at downloade den originale kildefil til symbolet. Der må gerne fremstilles produkter med symbolet, så længe det bruges med formålet: at lave reklame for naturisme.

Sillybare shop (USA)

Designeren har også modtaget mange forespørgsler, så han har selv startet en webshop: www.sillybare.com/shop. Besides stickers the shop has a large variety of items with the symbol.

Stickers by fkkvipu (Europe)

Amalia and Günter are very enthousiast about the Naturist Symbol. They ordered a large amount of stickers (10 x 10 cm, black background) and sell them at a very low price. See their shop.

Naturist Symbol shop (world wide)

Erik is the webmaster of naturistsymbol.org and the man doing most of the social media for the symbol. He created this webshop with Redbubble. They have production facilities in USA and Europe. Not all products are produced on both continents, so you might want to check the shipping costs for the product you are interested in.
Interesting is that some products come with a repeating pattern and others only come with one single print.
If you have questions about this shop, contact info@naturistsymbol.org.

Would you like a custom design that includes the Naturist Symbol, but you don’t know how to do it? Feel free to send your idea to info@naturistsymbol.org and we will tell you if it is possible to make it. If it is possible, it will be added to the shop.
(This offer is available at least during the covid lock down period).

We make a small profit (7%) on every sale, to cover the costs of this website.

Naturisten Lehrpfad

Stefan from Naturisten Lehrpfad created this webshop with many Naturist Symbol items.
Production is in Germany. Shipping world wide.

Naturist Gear

Amy runs an Etsy webshop with many Naturist Symbol items.


Hvis du sælger produkter, der reklamerer med naturistsymbolet, bedes du kontakte os på info@naturistsymbol.org. Vi vil gerne henvise til relevante shops på denne side.