Ambassadors promote the Naturist Symbol. The more naturists know the symbol, the more people will use it.

There are many ways to promote the symbol.

Use the Naturist Symbol online

Companies use it on your corporate website.

Everybody can use it in their social media profiles. In the header image of your profile or as a background in your avatar. And of course in your naturist photos. (It’s a good sticker to blur the body parts Facebook, Instagram and other old fashioned social media, don’t like to see).

We have accounts at the main social media. Follow us, like us, retweet, repost, share as much as you can, to make the symbol visible.

Twitter: @NaturistSymbol
Reddit: r/Naturist_Symbol
MeWe: naturistsymbol

We are also present in the social media that don’t allow full nudity

Facebook: NaturistSymbol
Pinterest: naturistsymbol
Tumblr: naturistsymbol

The more people join, the more other people are going to use the symbol as well. It is up to you now, to show you are an early adopter.

If you don’t feel safe to use it yet in the main stream social media, you can start in the naturist media. There’s a whole lot of them. See

Use the Naturist Symbol in real life

That’s even better! Use the original files from the download page to create all kinds of artwork, like stickers, flags, mugs, caps, t-shirts and so on. And post your pictures on social media using the hashtag #NaturistSymbol.

You can already buy several items with the symbol from the shop.

Become an official Naturist Symbol ambassador!

Put the Naturist Symbol on your company website or private blog and get listed on this page!

Even without a website or blog you can promote the symbol.


Meet our sponsors

Sponsors are ambassadors (companies and persons) who donated or actively participate(d) in the Naturist Symbol project.

Companies and organizations

Websites and persons


Meet the other ambassadors

Ambassadors promote the Naturist Symbol on their websites and social media.

Companies and organizations

Websites and persons

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Disclaimer: These links are included because they meet the criteria for using the naturist symbol. This does not mean that any site content is endorsed by us.