Universal Naturist Symbol

The Universal Naturist Symbol was voted for by naturists from all over the world in October 2020. The purpose is to recognize naturists, even when they wear clothes.

Every person and organization can use the Naturist Symbol for free to show their positive attitude towards naturism.

Download the Naturist Symbol for free from the download page.

More background information about the symbol can be found on the history page and the page with frequently asked questions. There was some discussion going on after the symbol was introduced. We encourage you to share your views.

We need your support in the promotion of the symbol. It’s easy to become an Ambassador of the Naturist Symbol.


Naturist Symbol
Naturist Symbol

How do you use the symbol in real life? Send us a photo if you like to be featured here. Or tweet it with hashtag #NaturistSymbol.


Hector Martinez (@_Hector_Mtz) interviews Björ and Erik about the Naturist Symbol.

You can find the interview from Hector with Naked Wanderings  here: https://youtu.be/u5QwhwMoMEw?t=9530